Scientia est potentia, or how sometimes knowing more can make one want to not know anymore

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Scientia est Potentia is probably one of my all-time favourites. Literally meaning Knowledge is Power. It is anything but without meaning as usually, the more you know, the better equipped you are with respect to many things. Having the hunger to know since the younger years can lead one to sometimes know the good things, but also sometimes the bad things. That’s all about being human..

Knowledge is Power.  “With Great Power comes great Responsibility,” said Uncle Ben in Spiderman, or FDR, or whoever would be the old man who said this around the time of his death. The more one knows, the more one’s responsibility. We frequently see in movies how the bad guys try to steal the good guys’ knowledge to destroy the world (how the bad guys won’t destroy themselves along with the world is another question). The whole movie goes on about how the good guys try to protect their knowledge from falling in between the wrong hands; what a load of stress for the good guys; all because they knew something.

That does not mean one should remain ignorant; just that one should simply be responsible with what they know.  Sometimes, for some people, knowing things can sometimes be cumbersome.  Knowing what needs to be known can increase responsibility.  From knowing the right things, shouldn’t right action ensue? The ‘duty’ to do the right thing would limit excuses for being lazy and complaining pointlessly, limit the possibilities of doing the bare minimum with the least possible effort, both of which tend to be considered by many as a ‘normal’, comfortable state of being. With knowledge, no more swimming in a sea of ignorance and basking on the beach of egotism.. With knowledge comes great responsibility indeed…

Can knowledge overflow?

Sometimes knowing can be detrimental too.  Like the saying, “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis a folly to be wise.”  Knowing much from whatever source, intended or unintentional, can lead to the unconscious expectation that others know or want to know too.  It may make one think that one’s curiosity is shared is shared by everybody else, while it may not be the case.  It happens that some people may be content with what they know, thinking they are perfectly fine the way they are, and may not want to know more for whatever reason. The beach of egotism doesn’t let one go easily.. What happens to the person in the know?

They can sometimes find themselves in a conundrum. Typically, the more one knows, the more they realise how little they know and may lack confidence, while those who know less might they think they know it all and may exude arrogance.

If they know, should they share what they know? Is the intended recipient ready to receive it? Is the knowledge even wanted to begin with? What if the one in the know did not know in the first place but only imagined knowing? Does knowing complicate things? Maybe ignorance could indeed be bliss? A fun time swimming in the sea of ignorance?

Knowledge is generally an advantage.  Knowledge brings confidence, which brings security, which brings calmness, which fosters stability and so many more benefits.

Knowledge generally helps, but can sometimes ostracise. If only one person knows, others who don’t might not readily accept the one who does. The scary thing can be that in a modern world where dumbing down seems to be the trend, the knowledge-seeking “I wish I knew!” could soon become the stagnation-enforcing “I wish I didn’t know..”

Story of a stack of pages, or how obsessing about first and last can leave the middle untouched for ages

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Sinking into a lounge chair, sipping on a hot cup of tea, unable to find a constant between the timid warmth from the sparse rays of a golden red sun dancing between the clouds and the blunt cold  from the glacial breeze… Fascinating sight or excruciating feeling, not all senses can be appeased by very opposing extremes.

The tendency to stick to the visible, to what’s basically apparent at first glance, can be far-reaching in an unintentional way. Not seeing past the first barrier may be an esoteric skill – or lack thereof – for those resulting from a series of changes over time. A smiling being immersed in whatever is being done may give an impression of fulfillment, but whose inside feelings remain unbeknownst to most. Gradual depersonalisation of connections between people has brought about the me-and-only-me-ndividual, who, submerged in a mono-dimensional universe, ignores the world around which has unlimited dimensions.


Unable or unwilling to, a lack of development of the core human senses leaves them in an unusable state. No depth with surrounding people creates an illusion of seeing perfection around when it may not be case within. Collective blindness to emotional states is a product of a decrease in the ability to feel, with only ‘positive happiness’ being force-fed day-in-day-out. A smiling person is happy. A new golden rule. A rule of ignorance.

Focussing on the brittle outside in favour of the solid inside leaves an empty shell prone to falling prey to lurking dangers. Inside, the damage may be irreversible. Filled with anything unfamiliar from the centre to the outskirts reaps uncertainty and doubt. No durability stemming from solidity, no comfort from security, no enjoyment, not happy .

Sometimes, it takes more than eyes to see.
Sometimes, with eyes closed is the best way to see.
Sometimes, the only way to see is to not see, but feel.

Angst, or how a none too often used word can be more present that one thinks

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“Treat those who harmed you with kindness, and forget both; they will be punished by their own shame.” I think I read that life-changing piece – for me at least – from the Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu Sacred/Philosophical book. The normal reaction to being hurt, very often, seems to be the opposite of forgiving and forgetting despite the old adage of “Forgive and forget”.

The basic modern human reaction seems to be to hurt the others more than one was even hurt in the first place. Paradoxically, didn’t someone say “An eye for an eye leaves the world blind?” That’s right, a bloke called Mahatma Gandhi did.

In today’s world full of aggression, trying to be a non-aggressive entity sounds contradictory. Why bother being kind if hardly anyone else d? Wouldn’t a lack of aggression be a sign of weakness? After all, only the strongest survive!

Strength; What is strength? The ability to hurt others before they can hurt or the ability to recognise that there is injustice being done and to stop it?


What is a display of strength finally? To act and destroy or to refrain from retaliating and instead letting go? Perhaps, if there is no hurt in the first place, wouldn’t there be a stop to hurting more than the initial hurt?

Often, one can be faced with such dilemmas, not knowing what to do or where to go, resulting in an overwhelming feeling of angst taking over. The feeling of losing one’s bearings in any situation can push one into fight-or-flight territory. Instinct, reflexes, will tend to push for a certain outcome while understanding, responses, will tend to lead towards another.

In most situations, the better way to respond may be to understand what happened; understanding the situation helps in understanding oneself.

If one understands their own functioning in different situations, is there any more cause left for worry?

None indeed; Only harmony.

Self-confidence, or what struggles are to strength what bad is to good

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When it comes to the struggles of life and man does not deem himself adequate, losing faith in his own strength, then he renounces virtues and embraces vices. In reality, villainy is born in man’s life when his psyche loses self confidence; Only self confidence can bear righteousness.

What is self confidence anyway?


When man considers that the struggles of life make him weak, he loses faith in himself. Instead of braving the struggles, he starts looking for ways to free himself of it.
Instead, when he believes that struggles make him stronger in a way a body is strengthened through exercise, then with each struggle his enthusiasm magnifies.

In other words self confidence is nothing but a state of mind. It is merely a way of looking at life.

And the way of looking at life is in the hands of man.

Thoughts, or how those things running in the head can end up more complex than a gluten-free vegan salad in a 5* Michelin Restaurant

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Some say everything begins with a thought; is that really so? What’s a thought anyway? What it certainly is not is the precursor to action. Some thoughts remain thoughts but never get to see their dream of becoming something more realise. Is ‘thought’ the product of our mind? Of our feelings? Of our intellect? Of the way we see the world? Of other things? Of all of them?? Now that just complicated things a tad further!

Often one finds themselves confused and tired and plain exhausted after their brain just won’t slow down.  How many nights has one not lost due to a pounding head caused by thoughts having a house party still going after their curfew.. Such a big deal by such an insignificant thing as a thought. Quite paradoxal.


The state of mind can have a big influence on what one thinks, in either direction.  While positive thoughts can have the calming effect and increase good feelings, negative ones can have the opposite.  The latter can prevent one from being peaceful, thus creating more tiredness, which further causes unrest, causing the onset of aggression, and so on.  A vicious circle once started is not easily stopped.

Thoughts? What’s the big deal? Wild horses running free in the vast plains of the mind.. Why bother taming them..unless one wants to make the thoughts be productive for them rather than opting to waste energy on their aimless thoughts.

How? If it is hard alone, let someone help.

Genius, or how a little bit to either side could give Plain or Insane

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They often say madness is the sign of genius.  All famed artists and geniuses were said to have had some sort of ‘troublesome condition’.  While this was never confirmed, it makes one wonder really… An American Indian legend also goes down that path, believing that mental disorders are not diseases per se but simply misunderstood people simply in a state of imbalance in relation to..other worlds or something.  Who knows really…maybe some day we will.

Writing has become difficult over the past year or two, after the equilibrium was lost to a destructive situation.  To write, both for the writer writing and for the reader reading, requires a certain harmony in thinking process and understanding.  The more the thoughts which go in the same direction, the easier it is to link them and understand/write them down.  If each individual thought wanted to go down its own path, it would be like all the cars of the street not following the road markings but trying to drive wherever they wanted in whatever direction they wanted.  That would make traffic lights totally useless.  Same goes for the mind’s ability to focus to write something coherent.

Many writers talk about needing a Muse to write.  That mythical being does provide inspiration…or does she?

What happens to the mind with a muse? A sense of refocusing? Like a one way street? A sense of direction? Like road signs? Speed limits? Or rather, minimum speed limits?

Stability can give the mind a platform from which to spin its webs of interpretation and understanding.  Stability can contribute to giving an organisation in which chaos can run free.  Organised chaos is the ultimate state, as chaos leads to progress while organisation ensures the  progress is positive.

Factors contributing to that stability could be various, and a Muse could be one of them.  Some Muses, on the other hand, could have the exact opposite effect.  Would that not, de facto, make them not Muses? Pretty much.  It takes but one of those..Esum (Inverted muse?) to potentially wreck havoc in any stable mind, annihilating any balance and organisation in the hitherto settled equilibrium, to bring in their own fatalistic chaos and complexes which reign their mind so that they are not left behind!

A creative force flowing down its path, a muse to one side and an esum to the other.  A pull either way could yield strong results, of either magnitude.  Both hold out their hands but the choice to grab either is not fully conscious.  While the conscious mind would want to grab the muse’s hand, the subconscious could lead to the grabbing of the esum’s hand.  A fraction of difference, with potentially fractious consequences.

Any given situation could lead to either a miracle or a disaster.  Either one happening does not mean the other not happening later.  A carefully organised mind can simply encourage more muses to tend their hands compared to esums.

A solution? Meditate.

Retaining a sense of wonder, or how being a perma-tourist is not necessarily bad

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I used to be a very outdoorsy person, loving hiking and adventures and being generally of a perma-tourist wherever I went, in all countries (even my own).  At some point in my life, I rarely spent more than 1 year in the same housing unit or even in the same country.  Indirectly, I was always a tourist.  Actually, that was perhaps when I was most happy – discovering new things, meeting people, encompassing more of the world every single day.  I love the world!

Of course, this cannot always last.  There comes a point where one has to settle.  Having stayed in the same place for more than 1 year, going on 3 now, has brought some stability but at the same time, taken out some of the adrenaline of travelling all the time.  It’s not so bad though.  Stability has many benefits (for one, not having to pack everything into boxes every year!).

Let’s go!

To remain happy, though, stagnation should be avoided.  Stable yes, stagnant no.  Consequently, adventure is needed (not the adultery kind, mind).  Remaining active is one of the best things one can do, preferably doing something productive. The latter is not only at work as sometimes work, or ‘work’, can drain someone of every ounce of energy, which leaves no possibility of doing anything.  Technically this would mean that one is not being productive, as being productive leaves one with much energy at the end of the day.

At the start of the year, I went hiking after more than a year.  That’s the longest I ever spent without.  And it was so lovely I was left breathless (literally. I had gotten so out of shape it acted as a wake up call).  Realising what I left out of my life to make place for other, somewhat more cumbersome things, just had the effect of a hammer.  Boy did I miss being outside and active!

This year, I will try to discover at least 1 place per month, be it hiking or simply going somewhere and exploring.  The key to recovering lost happiness? Become a tourist and regain a sense of wonder for the world, even if it is in my own country ;)

More than a year has gone by…

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I have not written or felt anything like writing since then.  In blogging terms, it amounts to centuries…

Trying to write ended in disappointment when faced with the inability to translate the inside to the outside, such was the total disarray which had spread.  It’s funny how some things have snowball effects and can just drag the rest down…

I managed to write an article after so long this week, which will be reviewed and perhaps published.  Finishing an article somewhat showed me that I can still write, something I thought I had lost.  Believing I had lost one of my main things only led to worse things.  It has been a lost year for that…

I have to restart writing to keep myself alive.

Let me call this part – The Final Chapter.

2013 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 22 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Pursuit of Happiness, or what makes you think it would change anything if you pursue it?

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There are so many people who talk about pursuing happiness, about doing everything they can do catch happiness, trying to find ways to make happiness stay, or some other variations.  Why exactly do we even pursue happiness? If people run after happiness, doesn’t that make them dislike it since the happiness is running away from them?

What is happiness anyway?

It probably means different things for every single person, so how can it be defined? If your happiness is running away from you, maybe someone else’s is running towards you, such that, in the end, wouldn’t everyone be happy if they just stopped running madly after what they couldn’t keep and just welcomed what would be coming their way?


Simply, try to make the most of opportunities that come your way instead of chasing your peer’s.

What has come your way could well be amazing if you choose to open your eyes…

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